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Become a Commissioner

The Sangaree Special Tax District Advisory Commission from time to time has openings for new Commissioners as vacancies occur. The Commission draws on the expertise of prospective volunteer members from within the Tax District.

There is currently one opening on the Commission.

How are Vacancies Filled?

Sangaree Special Tax District Advisory Commission recruits individuals who wish to serve their community by volunteering to serve with no pay. Letters that are submitted for consideration are retained and placed on file at the Tax District Office. Commissioners can draw from this file when vacancies occur and a position needs to be filled.

How does recruiting take place?

The Commissioners periodically places public notices of openings through the Sangaree Source Newsletter or make announcements at public meetings. Individual Commissioners also look for and encourage quality candidates.

What kinds of people are we looking for?

Commissioners simply look for people with a desire to serve, who will contribute the time necessary, whose level and breadth of intellect is equal to the tasks, who approach problems with an open mind, and are therefore likely to be productive. Prior experience in government is helpful but not a requirement. To serve as a Commissioners, you must be a resident of Sangaree.

Commissioner Necessities:

Sangaree is best served by a group of individuals comprised of a reasonable cross section of the community. To recognize, promote and strengthen the sense of community, diversity and multiculturalism, all Sangaree residents are invited to get involved.

Why should I volunteer?

Individuals serving Sangaree have the satisfaction of public service to their community. With this comes the pleasure of sharing experiences with interesting people of differing backgrounds aiming toward common objectives. For many it means new friends in a new community. Finally, there is the fundamental truth that we are obligated to contribute as much to society and its institutions as we have been given by those who preceded us. If you weren't raised in this tradition, break the mold and apply now.

How do I apply?

All that you need to do is write a letter as to why you would like to be appointed as a member on the Sangaree Special Tax District Advisory Commission.

The letter must to be addressed to:

Tommy Newell, Member, Berkeley County Council District 4

The letter can be delivered by below means:

Dropped off at the Sangaree Special Tax District Administrative Office


102 Sangaree Park Court, Suite 1
Summerville, SC 29486
(In the Sangaree Business Park)

US Postal Mailing address:

347 Sangaree Parkway
Summerville, SC 29486